ECW, More of the Same Old Lame Action

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As what has become the weekly habit on this site for the ECW review, I will state how lame it was again. As last weeks article stated and the shout box discussed, ECW really gives nothing to the fans of wrestling. we started off tonight with a dull match between Hornswoggle and Estrada. This was filed with tons of slap stick, including Estrada slipping on marbles, squirt guns used by Hornswoogle and Finlay and so on and so forth. It ended with Horny winning, but does it mean anything.

We did get a Matt Striker sighting tonight as he took on Evan Bourne. Bourne looked good with some amazing moves, including his flip off the top rope in mid air, but I don’t see him going very far. The WWE has seen its fair share of high flyer’s come and go and I feel Bourne will find himself in this boat. After his win he was attacked by Mike Knox as it seems that is what Knox does nowadays.

This lead to Knox’s match against Kofi Kingston an as you had to see coming, this match was cut short due to a Shelton Benjamin run in. Kingston would escape as Benjamin took out Knox. Not sure where they will go with the mix of Bourne, Kingston, Knox and Benjamin. They have been playing out the Benjamin and Kingston angle, but with no title involved I’m not sure if it has enough gas to last much longer. And I can’t see them going with Knox and Bourne due to the size and style difference. I really don’t think they will be a good match so look for them to find a place for Bourne to showcase his talents.

Cm Punk and John Morrison was good again, but we have seen this so many times it really needs to be put on the shelf for a bit. There really isn’t much to say here except why is it that Punk always hurts his ribs in matches. I swear this guy has been nursing this injury for at least six months now.

The only other observation I have for tonight is the continuity issues that were raised. Yes I know the rules of professional wrestling are not carved in stone but please at least try to keep it on track. First, how does ECW GM Teddy Long have jurisdiction over the WWE tag belts that belong to Smack Down? He must, as he was the one who made the match between Miz and Morrison against Finlay and Hornswoggle for the Night of Champions. Second, how does a member of Smack Down’s roster, we’re talking about Mark Henry, make a claim for the ECW title. Especially after he makes a comment if he does not get drafted he will be gunning for the champ. I know they are sharing talent, but the rosters are still separate from what I understand.


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