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– On whether Jim Ross told Brock Lesnar to do the Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania in order to create a “Wrestlemania moment”, as Brock recently claimed in UK’s Powerslam magazine:

“I don’t think I have ever read Powerslam Magazine, but nonetheless I have no idea what Lesnar is talking about. That assertion is just plain stupid. Even when I was in charge of talent relations I never got involved in match structure. The WWE provided Lesnar a wonderful opportunity to earn a great living for many years and Brock chose to leave. He chose to leave, no one forced him out. I have no idea where his “Wrestlemania Moment” story came from but I could truly care less what history Lesnar cares to rewrite. I know I personally treated Brock Lesnar fairly and honestly and went far above the call of duty with him on more than one occasion no matter the “poor me” B.S. one sometimes hears. However, I do wish Brock well in his MMA career. but for some reason one could surmise that controversy may well follow the talented athlete there as well.”

– “I like the new Texas Stadium hosting Wrestlemania someday. I have discussed that very thing on this site a few times. Dallas is a great city and Jerry Jonesland will be a world class facility. And with the Cowboys moving to their new stadium in a few years, the older Texas Stadium would love to have WrestleMania, I’m sure. Heck, they hosted many World Class events there in the past. And a lot of them are on the new World Class 2-disc DVD set, including Kerry versus Ric Flair and Fritz’ retirement match against Bundy.”

– “I have no plans to retire anytime soon so hopefully my ringside seat won’t be available for a while. I think JBL should come back and finish his career if he is healthy and he apparently is healthy enough to compete. I sure hope so. Athletes want to play in every “game” they can and there is no doubt that JBL still has some gas left in the tank and he is not an old guy. Old school jocks want to go out on their terms and JBL fits that mold. I think JBL will do well and will add a spark to Raw. I am also sure I will hear my share of Oklahoma jokes from the native Texan turned Manhattanite.”

– “We are due to record more of the Roundtables after the first of the year, but I don’t know the details. When they call and schedule me, I show up and enjoy the process a great deal. We are left to be freer flowing, which is a departure from Cable or PPV.”

– As to why the Raw announce table was moved back near the entranceway for a time:

“I never heard a viable reason for the location change, but it sucked to sit next to the pyro and so far away from ringside. I think it was to differentiate the announce teams, as Smackdown stayed at ringside and Raw got moved to the back of the room. It also might have had something to do with Bischoff as the Raw G.M. and the fact that WCW oftentimes had their announcers out in left field… so to speak.”

– On whether Undertaker will ever write a book:

“I have a great relationship with the Undertaker and his story may be told one day. but it would not surprise me whatsoever if The Undertaker never writes his autobiography. Taker’s legacy in the WWE will be every much as significant as Andre the Giant’s when all is said and done. I was very high on Taker in WCW, but if my memory serves me correctly Ole Anderson wasn’t and he was the boss at that particular time. Taker is a WCCW alumni. like Steve Austin, who made the journey from Dallas to Atlanta to the WWE.”

– On the possibility of Sid Vicious or Bob Sapp coming in to WWE:

“I do not know Sid’s physical well being or how he would physically hold up wrestling a full time schedule. However, on the surface one could surmise that Sid would help the WWE at least for the short term with a little good fortune. It essentially comes back to how well Sid is and who he would be competing against? Some have speculated that Bob Sapp might not be committed to a pro wrestling career. I really don’t know, but Bob does have “presence” without fail. It would be interesting to see how well Sapp would do if he was really committed to becoming a great in ring performer.”

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