More on Vince Wanting Better Acting

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As posted last week, Vince McMahon wants the WWE Superstars to become better actors and improve on filming their backstage segments. Vince is also talking about wanting a more realistic style in the ring. Norman Smiley was hired at WWE developmental and told he was being brought in because of his background in the more realistic Japanese style of wrestling. WWE doesn’t want moves and blows that look like they miss and are still sold. They also want to bring back a more realistic feel to the matches and have less light showing in the moves done.

WWE officials have gone back and forth for over a year now on the concept of the knockout finish, which we saw at No Mercy with Big Show and The Undertaker. Obviously they are trying it out but if it doesn’t get over it will probably not be used anymore. Earlier in the year when the company was making the move over to HD, they were wanting to make sure everything looked solid on TV because HD would make missed spots more obvious.

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