Thoughts on the Latest WWE PPV – Survivor Series

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The annual Survivor Series is in the books, and with it the WWE pulled somewhat of a curveball with the changing of not one major title – but two. The return of Edge was a surprise, and it was a good surprise at that. His coming back to the company after a couple months off right away makes SmackDown a MUCH better show, and gives guys like Triple H and Jeff Hardy an opponent to duke it out with.

Here is my take on the Good and the Bad from last night’s PPV:


Edge is back – The “Rated R” Superstar comes back right at the right time, wins a major belt, which is good, and right away creates a feud with Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Edge is one of, if not the top heel in the industry along with Randy Orton, and it’s great to have him back.

John Cena
– You can almost say the exact same thing about Cena that you can say about Edge, except it being from a face standpoint. Cena is a star, no doubt, and now with him with the strap for the first time in awhile, it will be interesting to see the programs they put him in.

– This is a major feud between two of the best in the business, and I think the heat between them makes for a very solid non-title program. I like the energy they both bring, and they both seem to have that desire to make each other better. This is by far the best feud that Batista has been in since his long Undertaker program that took him to the next level.


Taker vs Show a Dud – The casket match between the two I thought was a total flop. It was totally hookey with the fire on the ramp and the casket falling over and then the druids coming out with a second casket. Plus the ending was bad. Taker’s feuds all seem to go the same way, and at times they just drag. This was a feud that has dragged long enough, and they need these two to move on.

Womens Survivor Series Match – I think there were enough wrestlers not on the show that could have made one more solid match, but instead we dragged it down with a womens match that seemed all over the place. Having Beth Phoenix, who is by far the best in the business right now, win is a very deserving honor, despite it being a tough match to watch.

HBK vs JBL Dragged – For an opening match, it just seemed like these 10 guys didn’t have a lot to offer, and then having a cheap ending with a count out was not a good way to start the night. From here it looks as if we’ll see HBK vs JBL in a program, Kane vs Khali (ugh) and Cryme Tyme vs Miz and Morrison (why not). Again though, didn’t feel the energy or heat I thought this match would bring to the table, and it seemed to be pretty lacking.

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