McMahon Ticked Off at Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling

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Apparently the situation with Vince McMahon being pissed off at Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling is far worse than it has came off. Vince despises the show and it’s said that he wants to do whatever he can to destroy the show.

One source notes that on the flight into Boston, MA for the Survivor Series pay-per-view over the weekend, Vince was ranting and raving about the show, which airs on CMT. Vince said that no man on Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling will ever work for “this company” again, meaning WWE.

I wonder if this is just Vince ranting or if guys like Rob Van Dam, who participated on Hogan’s show, may have actually hurt his chances with WWE. One would think that WWE wouldn’t turn down bringing a ratings hit like Van Dam back because of a beef with Hogan’s show, but we’ve seen how Vince can be in the past when he has serious grudges.

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