Kozlov vs Triple H – Do We Really Need This?

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We all know already that next week we are going to see Vladimir Kozlov take on the Undertaker with the stip being if Vlad wins, he gets a title shot at Triple H at Survivor Series. In other words – book it. Taker is coming off a casket match win over Chavo Guerrero on Smackdown Friday night, and what I can forsee is Vlad and Taker going at it, and this time Big Show gets his revenge and knocks out Taker, giving Kozlov the win and the title shot.

My question though is this – do you really want to see Triple H vs. Kozlov? I mean, can you actually see the big Russian being a true legit challenger to the “King of Kings”? I can’t. He’s your typical big man that can do some things in the ring, but overall his character is not much, and while I like them doing the undefeated angle, this one is not going to be very good.

Triple H has not exactly had the best of challengers since moving to SmackDown. We’ve had the Khali angle, which was painful enough, and now after a pretty good but in the end rather one-sided feud with Jeff Hardy, it’s not Kozlov’s turn.

Let’s grin and bear it, as the only thing I can see them coming up with next is a long feud with Edge and eventually they will move HHH on to the Undertaker, where these two SHOULD do battle at WrestleMania 25.

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