Edge and Vickie. Ewww, gross

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I think I’m going to be sick after eating all these Thanksgiving leftovers after tonight. I do not need to see Edge and Vickie making out. I understand the angle of Edge most likely using Vickie romantically to get his title shot, but do we need to see the graphic details. Besides that it looks like there will be a 3 way run for the title come Armageddon. Granted Edge has his #1 contender match next Friday, but with the Undertaker tombstoning Vickie there is no doubt she will want revenge. This should put Batista, Edge and the Undertaker together for a title shot. This will be a great combination and will only further increase Batista’s stock if he can hold his own with these 2 men. At the rate Batista is going he is pushing himself to the front for the main event a Wrestle Mania. I have been somewhat critical of him in the past and really did not think he had what it takes to be a big player in the WWE. But over the past 3 months he has really raised his game, the question is can he do it without the help of the Undertaker. We shall see in the coming months.

Don’t be surprised if the Major Brothers end up as tag champs before the year closes. They put on another great showing tonight and they looked real good in the tag battle royal they had a few weeks back. They have been giving them plenty of shots at some top level talent and I feel the WWE has big plans for them. Not sure if they will be the ones to knock off Miz and Morrison or if they will end up beating one of the regular team on Smack Down, but at the rate they are being thrust into some decent matches, they should be crowned some time soon.

I’m also looking forward to the possible feud between MVP and Mysterio that looks to be starting. MVP is another individual who as raised his game since Wrestle Mania 23, and Mysterio is a great performer. There should be plenty of good matches between these 2, and given MVP’s size, Mysterio should be able to really capitalize with his acrobatic moves. Don’t be surprised if JBL gets involved somehow given his dislike of Mysterio for obvious reasons. Also JBL tonight had his ring bestowing ceremony for MVP, so he should be doing all it takes to prevent Mysterio from becoming US Champ.

With Mysterio moving on to a run at the US title, and Kane and big Daddy V still at one another, it looks like Finlay now gets the albatross of dealing with Mark Henry and Kahli. This is sad in my eyes as Finaly really gave some solid performances against Mysterio and deserves a better reward than this. They could at least have him get involved with Chuck Palumbo, since they really are trying to push Palumbo. With Finlay’s great in the ring work ethic he could show Palumbo how to be a strong performer. I was not impressed when Palumbo came over from WCW with Sean O’Haire, and his legacy so far in the WWE was being the gay love interest of Billy Gunn. He could only benefit from working with a class act like Finaly, and Finlay deserves to work with with some talent, not to giant stiffs who have past their expiration date.


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