Surprise, surprise

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Well Raw gave us some unexpected surprises last night, and no I’m not talking up the dream team of Cody Rhodes, Hardcore Hollly, Super Crazy, and Jim Duggan. The first big surprise has the Triple H and Jeff Hardy match fro Armageddon. Over the last few months this duo has been working great with each other. It should be interesting to see where they take this, will they turn either of these men heel or will it be a one off type match returning them back to face Umaga and Snitsky. I can’t see them turning either heel as both are huge crowd favorites. It still should be a great match and Gives Jeff Hardy a great chance to show what he is made of.

The other surprise was the non retirement of rick Flair. some expected the announcement of his retirement due to the location of Raw in Charlotte, his home time. Instead we now have a retirement vendetta on Flair. The next match he loses will be his last. I really don;t see this happening due to the magnitude of it all. Cam you imagine the man who would be chosen to defeat him. The pressure of defeating and ending the career of perhaps the biggest name in wrestling would be enormous. That individuals career would forever be defined by this and the criticism that would come from such a match would be ridiculous. If Flair retires it will be on his own terms. But at least now it gives a a good story line.


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