Kelly Kelly Says She’s NOT Posing for Playboy

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WWE RAW Diva Kelly Kelly has responded to the rumors of her posing in Playboy Magazine next year on her MySpace blog. Here’s what she had to say:

playboy rumors
Current mood: focused

hey everyone! i know its been a while but i wanted to check in now that i am able to get on and sorry that i dont post more but i just dont get on as much as i want to but i do read all the messages so i thank you soo much…all of you…ok so anyways here is the answer to the question people have been asking me..i finally have a chance to set the record straight…im not posing for playboy..nothing against playboy at all but i dont know who is posing for playboy but it wont be me. i just want to concentrate on wrestling right now.

thank you all for your means soo much to me and keep the messages coming. xoxo kelly kelly



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