With 23 Done – Who Could Main Event in WrestleMania 24?

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Now that WrestleMania 23 is done and over, already you can start the countdown to March 30th, 2008 in Orlando when the WWE tries once again to outdo itself in the next mega-event: WrestleMania 24. Plenty of things can happen between now and next March, but one thing is almost assured, and that is whoever is in the main event for Orlando is likely already on the WWE roster. You usually never see a wrestler make his way though the company in one year, then go on to main event at Mania.

So with less than a year to go to the big event, here are some possible main eventers for the main event in Orlando. We’ll exclude John Cena and Undertaker, and pretend for a moment that they are still champions at the time of Mania.

1. Triple H – With missing Mania this past year, you know that HHH will be on a mission to get back to Mania, and be in the main event. One can already see a possible rematch of WM 22 with John Cena, and maybe he finally gets over the hump and gets the belt back.

2. Edge – The Rated “R” Superstar has never main evented a Mania, and with the recent ovation he got in Detroit Sunday, I can see him getting a face push and possibly being in the main event as the good guy of the match. Of course with a scheduled program with HHH upon his reutrn, a face turn as of right now seems a bit far fetched, but you can never know.

3. Randy Orton – If Orton could ever get his head on straight enough and stay out of trouble, he is the perfect option for a long term deal with Cena. Remember it was for a time supposed to be he and Cena at Mania this past year. If Orton gets focused, a shot at Mania in 08 is not out of the cards.

4. Batista – Another guy who seems to have dropped a quite a bit in the past few months, but did have a solid match with Taker Sunday. If as a heel Batista is as big and bad as he was a few years back, here is another guy that may be able to take it to the next level and headline the big show in 08.

5. Mr.Kennedy – With the Money in the Bank match won Sunday, you can tell that Kennedy is in line for a huge push in 2007. He is another guy that people are starting to like though, and could find himself, despite what he said in the post match interview, embracing the fans on the way to a main event in Mania in 2008.

6. C.M. Punk – I know, a total longshot, but maybe just wishful thinking. You have to admit though, and Punk has been cheered about as hard as anyone as of late, and maybe if he can move to SmackDown at somepoint, he will start to get out of the doghouse and get some shots at being a top guy. This one would stun me, but you never know.


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