Saturday News and Notes: The Draft, Mr.McMahon, SmackDown GM

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We are now just 48 hours or so away from the WWE Draft that will take place on Monday Night RAW, and while it is somewhat of a quiet time around the rest of the in-ring battles, there is some news and notes to pass along as we get set to see where some of the stars will end up after Monday night.

* I already hate the Vince McMahon character. Stupid thought on his part to use a serious thing like a medical condition and turn it into a character. I have been on the bandwagon since Mania that its time for Vince to be off TV for awhile, and not only is that not happening, but it’s getting worse with him on TV more and more. He is making the product look like a farce, and the more TV time he gets with the character, the worse it is.

* Second that for one of the worst acting jobs I have seen in the company for sometime – Vicki Guerrero. We all know the setup is that Teddy Long is eventually going to have to decide between Krystal and the GM job, and he’ll chose the diva, and then Guerrero will step in. Then of course Krystal will turn on him, and she and Vicki will take over SmackDown, which is just a lame storyline. I would assume then we’d see Teddy take on a manager role again, and return to try to get revenge on his former woman and Guerrero. Just a bad job of writing on this all the way around.

* Edge vs Batista again? Yes, that is what we are headed for at the “All Championship Match” PPV coming up – Vengence. I am not quite sure why they are putting these two back in the same ring, as the first two matches were okay, but by no means worth a third. Once again, Edge will win, and hopefully once and for all he can move on to a new SmackDown challenger. I think the plan is for a RAW or ECW guy to be in the next program with Edge, but with the way the booking has been, who knows.

* I am a bit shocked we have yet to hear a word about the possible in-ring return of Rey Mystero. The last word was that Rey was to be back around SummerSlam, but now, who knows. Saw an old ECW match last night in 95 with Mystero, and started to wonder what effect the toll the “added” muscle had on Rey’s body. I think his return could be a spark to SmackDown, unless they throw him on ECW, as he would not make a good fit on RAW.

* Where has Mr.Kennedy been? Yes, we all knew that he would miss time with the arm injury, but the early word is that he would at least stay on TV to keep in the spotlight. With the growing fan base he was getting before he was hurt, I cannot see at this point how he returns as a heel. Of course that could happen if they put him on RAW, which could happen.

* With that, here are my picks to move on Monday night:

1. Chris Benoit to RAW
2. Mr.Kennedy to RAW
3. Mark Henry to ECW
4. MVP to RAW
5. Jeff Hardy to SmackDown
6. C.M. Punk to SmackDown
7. Santino Marell to SmackDown
8. Carlito to SmackDown
9. Chris Masters to ECW
10. Boogeyman to RAW
11. Dave Taylor to ECW
12. King Booker (as Booker T) to RAW
13. Kelly Kelly to RAW
14. Snitsky to RAW
15. Umaga to ECW


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