Jim Ross Shares His Thoughts in His Updated Blog

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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his website. Some highlights from this entry:

– Gasp….Floyd Mayweather did not actually get $20M for his fight at WM24 or so we have been told…the boxing media, always known to never “hype” an event is appalled, pray tell. I don’t know exactly what “Money” made for the fight, but I assure you he was pleased and who’s to say that the monies he negotiated won’t be flowing in for a while longer?

– I recently read where wrestling websites exist solely on the back of the WWE, which I find perplexing. I don’t necessarily agree with that assessment, but everyone has a right to their opinion. Without the WWE there is lots of other wrestling to cover globally, not to mention the ever growing mixed martial arts biz.

– I did not solely create the idea of the WWE Legends Video Game, but thru the Legend’s Program that I did help launch, the video game concept was an idea I floated around the WWE about 10 years ago. It was akin to always wondering what it would be like for, say, Roger Clemens pitching to Mickey Mantle in a baseball video game. Now wrestling fans will be able to book some amazing dream matches with many of the greats that will be featured on the Legends Video Game. Yes, some old timers won’t want to be a part of the process, but what can one do? Those veterans who want to help other old timers who did not plan for their future or drank their future away, etc would be well served to be a part of the video game and donate their earnings to those more needy, if that was there mindset. At least the Austin vs. Hogan match could be booked on the Legends Video Game.

– I can’t be sure why certain things jump into my mind, but this morning I thought about when I used to travel with Don “The Spoiler” Jardine, whose car was always immaculate and smelled so fresh, which was a contrast to the cigar stained, beer spill odors of so many other wrestlers. Don always had classical music on the radio, as well, and gave me a great education of what it took to be a great, wrestling villain. More people who have had long, productive careers in the wrestling business had one common denominator and that was that they worked the territories and were able to exchange ideas and philosophies on long car trips. It’s amazing what happens when one doesn’t have access to a cell phone, etc. A conversation actually takes place.

– I read where Kurt Angle has been having more neck problems, which gives me cause for genuine concern. Getting that “one more match” and then “another match” out of a flawed body is flirting with disaster. I have great respect for Kurt’s athletic ability and helped hire him in the WWE and I hope he doesn’t stick around as a wrestler for one match too many. Especially when he has so many other skills that have little to do with putting on a singlet and risking his long term health.

– For the record, I am not a fan of stripping any one of a title and feel that titles should be won and lost inside the ring. I know I am old school, I get reminded of that on a fairly regular basis, but that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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