Another year of ECW, Why?

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As already posted the ECW returns for another year on Sci-Fi. Since wrestling likes to give its stars catch phrases like What? for Stone Cold and the ever popular DAMN for Ron Simmons, I bring forth mine, Why? As in why continue with a brand that is nothing more than a former shell of its true self. The only thing extreme about ECW is how extremely boring it can be. Case in point tonight. There was a decent match between two of the big brawlers in Kane and Big Daddy V. Then they go and ruin it by having a run in by Mark Henry followed by The Great Kali. Henry and Kali have less agility then a heard of wounded Hippos and added nothing to what could be a decent feud. Then to top it off we get to see this gaggle of gargantuans next week in the Monster Bash battle royal. Need I say it again. Why?

Good to see Elijah Burke take a huge tumble in status also. From looking like a major player in the ECW and beyond around Wrestle Mania to now feuding with Nunzio. Once again Why? I feel Burke has way to much talent to be wasting his time taking on third rate jobbers like Nunzio. At least the main event once again was watchable. The tag match between Balls Mahoney and CM Punk vs. The Miz and John Morrison was the only redeeming match of the night. If this is all ECW can give us in one good, and I’m not talking great, match every night why continue with this? The decent talent is to thin to actually develop anybody unless they are in the title hunt. These gentlemen would be better served being absorbed into the other brands taking shots at the lesser belts like the US and Intercontinental titles. If the WWE is not willing to go extreme then please kill ECW and leave us with the good memories of the old days.


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