Marshall Gone Following Refusal to do Storyline

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Ah yes, another Diva who refused to do a storyline in the WWE has found herself on the unemployment line. Sources say that the release of Diva Kristal Marshall last week had to do with a storyline that would have involved her seducing SmackDown GM Teddy Long. reports that the storyline would have involved Edge, and would have basically been Kristal screwing over Long and then joining forces with Edge much like Lita did when she did a one-over on Kane a few years back that led to that very successful tandem and the push that Edge got eventually leading him to being the WWE Champion.

Word is that Marshall was opposed to doing the storyline, that it was too sexual for her, and that she wanted to be moved to RAW to be with her real life boy-toy – Bobby Lashley. Reports say that Lashley and Marshall have been pushing to be on the same show together for sometime. It will be interesting now that Marshall is gone how and if they continue the storyline wedding angle they did with Long and Marshall, or if they will just dump that and at somepoint down the road we’ll see a recovered Long make his return if now GM Vicki Guerrero starts to go heel, which is what everyone seemed to think would happen once she got the position.


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