Kristal Off SmackDown? Headed to RAW?

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Plans may be changing for a WWE Diva, as Kristal Marshall’s profile has been removed from the SmackDown page on The Diva was recently involved in the storyline with GM Teddy Long, where the two were to get married before just saying “I do” Long had a “heart attack” and has been off TV since. In real life, Kristal is dating Bobby Lashley, who currently is trying to make it back after having surgery to repair his arm. With Lashley on the RAW brand, there is a thought she might be making the switch to the WWE’s franchise show.

As far as bringing Long back and how they will explain Kristal not being on the show anymore, that is still up for discussion. The plan all along was for her to turn on Teddy, much like Lita did a few years back turning on Kane and joining up with then real-life boyfriend Edge. The pair went on to have a successful run in the company before Lita left the WWE for good. One would think if she was going to join up with Lashley, they would have to come up with some storyline, as Lashley is a face and it would be tough for her to just drop Long’s storyline with her upon his return.


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