Carlito Says HHH Marrying Steph McMahon was “A Smart Move”

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At a press conference promoting the 7/2 Raw brand house in Santiago, Chile yesterday, Carlito took aim at Triple H and his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. Carlito spoke in Spanish, and there are two slightly different interpretations online from and the Puerto Rican wrestling news site Thanks to reader Nizzo, we were able to get a translation of what Carlito said according to the news post on the story.

When asked about Triple H’s marriage, Carlito said ( “I may get in trouble, but that’s why I’m here. My opinion is that it was a smart move by [HHH]. I think that’s why he’s champion now and has been champion in the past, it’s easier to him. We, the real wrestlers, don’t depend on people in the business. We don’t have that benefit. We have to deliver the maximum in the ring. Others are given championships in a plate of gold or platinum, I’m happy for him.”

Same topic, but from “Well I know I’ll probably end up with problems but f— it. It was a smart move on his part [to marry Stephanie McMahon]. That’s why he’s a champion now and has been for a couple of times. That makes your job a little easier, having people to help you backstage meanwhile us wrestlers break our asses off.”

Carlito on Triple H never going overseas to promote WWE (
“I don’t see him coming to Chile or Paraguay, places like that. He’s always comfortable.”

Same topic (PRWrestling): “I’ve never seen Triple H making promos, traveling to Chile, Paraguay or any other place like that. He’s always comfortable at home. That gives you an idea who’s actually giving the 100% in this business.”

He also talked about some of the fans not respecting John Cena (PRWrestling):
“Well, some people might hate him but you people don’t really know how much of a worker he is. He really loves his fans. I know you people are sick of him being feed even if you don’t want to. But you have to respect the guy. He’s always making promos worldwide, has little days off, spends time with fans, etc. As much as you hate him, you have to respect him.”

During the press conference, Carlito also said that he has been discriminated against in WWE because of his Latin heritage, although he didn’t specify anything. Carlito said his heritage makes things harder for him, but he doesn’t regret being Latino.

Mr. Kennedy was also at the press conference, but remained in character.

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