Gaze Into The Future

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Last night ECW’s main event featured peek into the future of the WWE with an eight man tag event featuring 6 former or current champions. We saw Ricky Ortiz, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston (former Intercontinental), CM Punk ( former ECW and World Heavy Weight), against Miz (former WWE tag), Morrison (former Intercontinental and WWE and World Tag) along with current World Tag champs Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. This display of champions showed the future direction the WWE will be taking soon as all of these men have been hot shoted to their statuses. Even Bourne and Ortiz have made major strides on ECW and are the current jewels of the new talent initiative. The match itself was good for the ECW main even but not really much to talk about. But that is to be expected when you have eight men in one ring. Again I wanted to see more out of Ortiz as he still needs to show what he has against big time competition. A match against the Miz would be a good way to show this as both men match well in size and style. Morrison would get the win with a pin over Punk.

The opening match did its job as it did not over shadow the rest of the night, but was good enough to catch your interest. We saw Finlay and Tommy Dreamer take on their nemesises Mike Knox and Jack Swagger. Basically Finlay was Finlay, Dreamer was Dreamer, Knox was bad and Swagger still has to prove himself. For some reason Finlay still needs his shillelagh to get a win even over a nobody like Knox. Most likely Swagger will face Dreamer next week and we can see if he has what it takes to go to the next level.

The middle match was nothing but filler with Mark Henry demolishing ladies man Jamie Noble. Henry would give Noble multiple World Strongest Slams until Matt Hardy came to the rescue. It would not be enough as Hardy would fall victim to Henry’s pysical dominance. This story line should be over, but with a pay per view only three months away they needed to keep it alive. The only question is what will be the extreme rules options we can vote on for Cyber Sunday.


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