Jim Ross Speaks His Mind on the WWE Universe Blog

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Jim Ross has updated his WWE Universe blog. Among the items of interest:

On WrestleMania: I always enjoy Wrestlemania week as it provides me with the opportunity to reacquaint with old friends that I have not seen quite often since the last Wrestlemania. I don’t really get too wrapped up in how many “stars” the critics in the “media” give specific Wrestlemania bouts or even the event in general. Everyone has the right to their opinion and it is simply a sign of the times for folks to over analyze things in today’s world.

On Drinking With Steve Austin: I loved having a final “wrestling beer” with Stone Cold and, for the record, I did keep the beer can which will go into some kind of display for one of our BBQ joints in the near future. I did get significant beer on my hat but I enjoyed every minute of it. The King strongly dislikes getting beer on him which I find amusing especially on Sunday when his entire wardrobe was rented.

On Ricky Steamboat:
How good is Ricky Steamboat, STILL? Aside from HBK and ‘Taker this week, no one stood out more than did Ricky Steamboat in the ring. The young, WWE wrestlers can learn a heck of a lot by watching and listening to “The Dragon.”

On Tazz Leaving:
Speaking of Smackdown, my pal Tazz got a little burned out from all the travel, etc and has left WWE. Todd Grisham joins yours truly this Friday night at the announce desk. I will move to another role going forward on WWE TV broadcasts much like my role was at Wrestlemania 25. I will be doing more analyzing or color commentary than my old role of doing play by play. Who in the heck knows what’s going to happen after this Monday’s Draft? Based on my personal experiences from last year’s Draft in San Antonio, I am prepared for any thing. Maybe I can cut a lucrative, free agent deal down in Florida at FCW.

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