RAW Rating One of the Worst in a Decade

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From: PWInsider

Yes, it was Memorial Day but the 5/26 edition of Raw did just a 2.9 cable rating. The show did hours of 2.87 and 2.94. Only three quarter hours, including the overrun, broke a 3.0.

Other than Christmas, New Year’s, Fourth Of July and an October 8, 2007 edtion of Raw which did a 2.8 rating against Monday Night Football AND a series-deciding Major League Baseball playoff game, the last time Raw did a number this bad was on 12/15/1997, so it’s not like they can blame it just on the holiday. As I mentioned on my hotline on Tuesday, the company hoped that by giving away a million dollars they could get viewers who had left back. We will see if that works or not.



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