WrestleMania 24 Buyrate Lower Than Expected

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From: PWPIX.net

The PPV numbers are in for WrestleMania 24, and they are considerably lower than WWE and Floyd Mayweather expected. WrestleMania 24 drew 1,058,000 buys which works out to $23.8 million. This is less than last year’s 1,200,000 buys and $24.4 million for WrestleMania 23. The numbers were released this morning with WWE’s first quarter earnings report, which had the company listed as pulling in $19.5 million in net earnings over the first quarter of 2008.

ProWrestling.net reports that Vince McMahon was targeting 1.4 million buys for WrestleMania 24, and this number is viewed as a disappointment for WWE. Floyd Mayweather publicly predicted the number would beat out WrestleMania 23, which featured Donald Trump. Nonetheless, $19.5 million is a pretty decent first quarter figure.

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