Backlash Coverage Match One: Jack Swagger vs Christian for the ECW Title

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It was match one at Backlash on Sunday, as ECW Champ Jack Swagger took on Christian for the ECW strap. Here’s our coverage from co-editors Matt Loede and John Sefcik.

Matt: Not a bad opener for what looks to be a crappy card. Both guys worked pretty hard, and while they have met before, this was probably their best match. I felt all along that they were going to get the belt to Chirstian, so this was not much of a shock. ECW is always out there in no man’s land, and after what was a pretty good opener, we’ll see if he can hold it and if he gains any momentum for the lackluster brand.

John:Not a bad start I guess. Nothing special about the match, but it pulled off its job of starting the pay per view. Will Christian finally bring some excitement to ECW, a job Matt Hardy failed to accomplish while champ? The roster of ECW still needs some talent infused into it and I really don’t see Christian sticking around much longer. Especially with his run in with Edge backstage. Look for a summer feud with these two and Swagger to become ECW champ again.

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