J.R. Shares Some Thoughts on Mania, His New SmackDown Partner

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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog, giving his thoughts on Wrestlemania weekend, at this link. Some highlights from this entry:

– My 16th Wrestlemania experience was highlighted by the best WM bout I can recall broadcasting. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels bout was simply a classic. Old school approach, a magnificent story, amazing near falls, drama, surprises, intensity, and awesome athleticism were just a few of the memorable attributes of this extraordinary contest. Quite simply, it’s a wrestling match I’ll never forget and I’ve seen plenty of them. I had immense personal respect for both men going into the match but that respect swelled ten fold when this “instant classic” concluded. If any young wrestler doesn’t thoroughly study this one then they are doing themselves a gross injustice.

– Inducting my mentor Bill Watts into the WWE HOF Saturday night created a lifetime memory. Bill’s wrestling IQ was beyond reproach and his honor was so well deserved. Bill gave a wrestling fan from rural, eastern Oklahoma the opportunity of a lifetime, a debt that I can never repay.

– Having a quiet dinner with my dear friend Steve Austin on Friday night was another highlight. Just two couples catching up, telling our stories, laughing and talking about the future was great and Steve even picked up the tab! Stone Cold damned near stole the show Sunday night and wasn’t even in a match. Having our “last, wrestling beer” at WM25 was a career highlight for me. Yes, I kept the beer can, too.

– Sorry to see JBL retire as John and I have a great relationship. I signed John to his first WWE contract over 13 years ago. We love talking football and I fully expect to do some Beef Jerky and BBQ biz with John in the future. John was a “throw back” in many ways and some aspects of his demeanor always reminded me of the late, great Dick Murdoch. That’s high praise for the record. John has no interest at this time in broadcasting for WWE but working with him would be something that I would truly enjoy.

– Speaking of broadcasting, I don’t know who I’m working with Tuesday in Austin on Smackdown but whoever WWE selects is good by me. With the Draft just a week away, I can only assume that whoever it is could be a temporary move any way.

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