ECW Extreme Again

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Well not quite, but more extreme than usual. It was refreshing to see something out of the ordinary on this show. Granted no one was thrown through 6 tables stacked on each other, or beaten with a variety of paraphernalia like broom sticks and old Nintendos, but at least it was fun. We saw two windshields broken by bodies getting throw into them and saw the old ECW staple of taking the action through the crowd. Of course if you don’t know what I’m talking about let me catch you up.

CM Punk tonight faced Chavo in a Gulf of Mexico match in order to embarrass Punk for ruining the Championship Fiesta for Chavo last week. The premise was to throw your opponent into the Gulf for the win. Of course it was extreme rules. As I have stated before, when they have done these extreme rules matches, this is what ECW is about. I know we will never see the good old days of EC dub, but matches like this one at least have some extreme elements to it. Nothing to crazy or career threatening took place, but it has the elements to make it different from normal wrestling matches. Please have more of these matches so the current mockery will end of calling this brand extreme. The match ended with with Punk throwing Chavo into the drink. And as we found out tonight they will meet at No Way Out for the belt, so this one will continue for the near future.

To recap the rest of the action we had divas match of Michell McCool and Kelly Kelly against Layla and Victoria. Victoria+Widows Peak on Kelly Kelly = win Layla/Victoria. Tommy Dreamer would lose to John Morrison I guess in a continuation of Dreamer helping Colin Delany last week after Miz and Morrison beat on him some more. And finally Kofi Kingston beat another jobber. He looked good again tonight, but I really want to see him face some better competition. Can anyway one say Kevin Thorn, or how about Elijah Burke. I feel either men should provide him with decent competition and show what he really can do. Will he be the next Hardy or Ese Rios, or maybe somewhere in between. He has some good moves, but until he takes on decent talent we won’t know much about him.


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