The Let’s Wrestle WrestleMania 24 Pick the Card Contest!

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All right Let’s Wrestle marks, let’s throw another contest out there! Here is what I am looking for, as I want you to get your thinking caps on:

We all now (for now) that we have the two main events decided for WrestleMania 24:

Randy Orton vs Triple H vs John Cena for the WWE Title


Edge vs Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Title

What we here at Let’s Wrestle want is to see the REST of the card. Yes, that is where you come in. Send us an e-miail at:

Your choices for the remainder of the WrestleMania 24 card! 5 matches? 7 matches? 10 matches? You decide. And when you do, there will be two ways to win

1. Two winners that enter at random will win a FREE copy of RAW’s Greatest Hits CD complements of Columbia


2. The person that has the most matches correct will win a FREE DVD of the 2007 ROYAL RUMBLE complements of Electric Artists

So start thinking ahead wrestling fans…and start sending us those predictions. We will run the contest from Today (2/21) until Thursday March 6th at 5PM.

Again, you can email us at with your picks or any questions!

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