Dreamer Talks About What Could be His Last MSG Match

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Tommy Dreamer has posted a new blog on the WWE Universe site talking about tonight’s ECW tapings at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Dreamer says that tonight may be his last match at the Garden and mentions that he has been thinking of something to do for tonight’s show. Here’s part of the blog:

Today ECW televison will be filmed from the sacred halls of Madison Square Garden. MSG has been the mecca in sports entertainment since it was contructed. This is the place where careers were made and some of my greatest childhood memories originated. I was there when Jimmy Snuka dove off the steel cage. when the Iron Sheik ended Bob Backlund’s five plus year title reign. I was there for the birth of Hulkamania a month later. I rose to my feet every time WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel would announce the next months card returning to the Garden and would be so excited to hear what great matches were coming back. Even better when I would hear the Fink say and the winner and your NEWWWWWWW Champion. I would watch every three hour show if I couldn,t get tickets on MSG. I was jumping for joy when Mr.T hopped the railing to defend Cyndi Lauper and wanted to help him when he got jumped by Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Thank god The Hulkster came to his aid cause a 13 year old Tommy Dreamer would have done some damage(not at all but in my mind I would have) I was rewarded for good grades in school with the first ever Wrestlemania tickets. The excitement of going up the escalators and seeing the Garden filling with people is amazing.

In my own personal career, wrestling in MSG has been a dream. Performing there after 9/11, tearing down the house with Rob Van Dam in the last ever Hardcore Title match, and the greatest two minutes of my life the Royal Rumble. I realize all of this because as time approaches, this may be my last performance in MSG. I hope it isn’t but what a ride, I would love to have a Lou Gehrig leaving as a Yankee moment. I am really trying to think of something special to do tonight, so if you can please watch. It is real televison a boyhood dream quite possibly coming to an end and not regretting a single thing.



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