Jim Ross Updates His Blog: GAB, Magnum T.A., ECW

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Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights:

Ross on the match that will main event the Great American Bash on Sunday:
“Look for Edge’s challenge to Triple H for the WWE Title to close the show at the Bash from what I understand. Things could change between the time I write this and Sunday night on PPV but that’s close to a lock.”

Ross on speculation that ECW will be taped on Monday nights: “The aforementioned statement (regarding the Hunter and Edge main event) is more of a lock than the never ending speculation that ECW will start taping their program prior to Raw on Monday nights or on Monday nights period. That horse ain’t leaving the barn. Could there be some combo ECW/Raw live events? Sure. There could also be ongoing ECW/Smackdown live events too at the same time. However, that has zero to do with ECW moving its TV production to Monday night which, again, I don’t think will happen.”

Ross on catching up with Magnum T.A.:
“It was great seeing my old friend Terry Allen aka Magnum T.A. Tuesday night in Charlotte. Terry recently underwent back surgery and was walking with the aid of a crutch while he heals but was in great spirits. This guy has great character and perseverance and I never once have ever heard him say “poor me” due to the hand that was dealt him. Terry’s two, beautiful young daughters were wonderful to meet.”

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