JR’s Blog: Championship Scramble Concept, Nathan Jones/TNA, More

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Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights.

– Ross on the Championship Scramble concept: “New concepts are usually feast or famine. The first ones are never as good as subsequent ones. Some folks liked the Scramble and some didn’t. I liked elements of them but they did get chaotic at times. The best part to me was that the Scrambles provided needed opportunities to multiple, deserving talents. Tazz and I need to have more fun and we will but I was proud of the job the ECW guys did on the broadcast.”

– Ross on TNA reportedly signing Nathan Jones: “I was surprised to hear of Nathan signing with TNA. I am not sure where Nathan’s heart is as it relates to the wrestling biz. Without question Nathan has the personality and look to be a star but can he wrestle?”

– Ross on whether he’s ever considered joining TNA: “Never have given it any serious thought in all due respect. Mike Tenay does an awesome job on play by play and Jim Cornette is potentially an outstanding color analyst. I do hope TNA continues to grow their business nonetheless. Broadcasting wise I have one ‘dream job’ that I would consider adding to me plate and it has nothing to do with wrestling.”

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