Khali The Number One Contender?

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You have go to to be kidding me. This is going to be one of the main events for a huge pay per view like Summer Slam. This is perhaps one of the greatest insults to WWE fans ever. All ticket holders for Summer Slam should get 20% of their purchase price refunded due to the fact they will have to sit through a garbage match featuring Khali. I though this guy was dead and buried after he took a short break to go to India. And now all of a sudden he is the number one guy to challenge Triple H for the WWE title. I know we did not want to go back to the Edge fountain again and are saving Jeff Hardy possibly for another title shot at Mania, but your telling me Khali is a better choice than Kennedy, the Big Show, MVP or Umanga. Well the WWE must think so as he won the Bastle Royal tonight in order to face Triple H at Summer Slam. What a joke, I suggest all in attendance at Summer Slam should leave their seats when this match happens to protest Vince McMahon’s stupidity of pushing this lummox in a main event role. All I have to say is they better change this match or it will be the bomb of the night.

At least they made up for it somewhat tonight during Edge and Vickie’s make up session. edge apologized at the the end of the show for his actions and Vickie did forgive him, but she also let Edge know she did already start her revenge for his little fling with Alicia Fox. In her rage Vickie reinstated the Undertaker and he will face Edge at Summer Slam in Hell in the Cell. Now we’re talking a match worthy of a major pay per view as we all have seen in the past how Tacker raises his game when the cell is involved. This match should be the exclamation point and end all for all the bad blood between the two. You have to wonder though if there was a marketing idea to help promote the Hell in the Cell DVD the WWE has out. But who cares as both men have shown they will do what it takes to make a match go over big and look for this to be one the the best matches of the night if not in the history of Hell in the Cell.

Other than that Smack Down was a bit dull tonight and it started right from the start with the VIP Lounge. Tonights guest was Jeff Hardy and it did feature some good jabs at both Hardy and MVP’s checkered pasts and the lose of Hardy’s dog. But the ending was stupid to say the least. All of a sudden after the exchange of insults Hardy throws a lame shove at MVP who percedes to leave the ring. It was not very conniving that there was bad blood between the two, but I’m sure they want to see a program with them. It would be some decent matches to look forward to, but they need to work on their promos.

All the new champs on Smack Down saw themselves in fairly meaningless matches with results that really didn‘t do much of anything. The best of the bunch was Hawkins taking on Festus in singles competition. Festus go the win but was attacked by both Ryder and Hawkins after the bell when he reverts back to his docile state. This was the second time they used this gimmick and it’s already getting old. Most likley it will be Jesse and Festus challenging the tag champs. I can see Jesse and Festus eventually becoming champs, but they need to do it soon before we tire of their gimmick much like 2 Cool.

Shelton Benjamin made his Smack Down debut as US champ against Jimmy Wang Yang and did not look all that impressive. I really felt this is a great move putting the belt on Benjamin as he has plenty of talent and I’m convinced he is willing to work to be one of the top perfomrers. But in the match tonight Yang looked better with sharper moves and a quicker pace. I’m not saying Yang is better, as I feel he is better off tagging with Shannon Moore, but Benjamin has to look his best against all opponents. Hopefully this was a one off for him and in the coming weeks will see the Shelton we all know as a great performer. And we also saw Michelle McCool take on Maryse in a nondescript women’s match that really wasn’t bad but not really good either.

The rest of the matches tonight saw Kozlov beat Stevie Richards and Brian Kendrick defeating Shannon Moore. Kozlov needs to start facing serious competition and not these lower card guys he lays waste to each week to show what he really is made of. A program with Umanga would be perfect as their styles match well as super heavyweights. As for Kendrick and Moore they both need to return to their tag team partners. Moore has not found a way to go over yet as we already have one CM Punk and the same can be said of Kendrick. John Morrison has been doing your bit for over a year now, please give him back his gimmick.


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