Is He Dead or Alive?

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That’s the question on most peoples minds tonight as we saw Kane lose his senses and go into a violent tirade asking that question. It would result in him assaulting various ring side personnel and the announce team of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. This mental break down by the Big Red Machine culminated at the end of a fatal four way for the number one contender ship for the World Heavy Weight title. After the pin by Batista, Kane flipped out and starting to go into his rant. The only explanation for this is that he will become the defacto heel on Raw as there really is no big name in that role now. As for who he was talking about there appears to be only two legitimate guesses. It could be either his brother the Undertaker or the chairman Vince McMahon. Either of these really makes no sense as the Undertaker was banned from the WWE and left unscathed and the McMahon’s have not indicate4 Vince is in serious condition. Hopefully this angle will not be as bad when Kane was being tormented by the release date of his film.

As for the number one contender match it was really the only highlight of tonight. Besides Batista and Kane we also saw JBL and Cena involved. With two weeks to go until the Bash don’t be surprised if Cena and JBL meet next week in a match that will also find one of them in the match with CM Punk and Batista. Punk is very popular but his time as champ will be short as it is to soon for him to have a long reign. Most likely they will get the belt on Cena no later than Summer Slam. I’m looking for Cena to find his way into the match at the Bash and win the title. As for JBL this may be his last kick at the can for awhile as he should fade into the background until they can find another program for him.

The other decent match of the night was Mysterio’s return to the ring and his first match on Raw. He faced Santino tonight after he interrupted Rey’s speech last week. The two had a decent match with plenty of action and a nice pace to it. Rey even displayed his high flying moves showing he is back to full health, even featuring his new rocket man splash that he used to finish Marella. This program could be fun if they develop it as Mysterio brings the excitements to the ring with his moves and Santino’s mouth adds a fun dimension with his broken and misinterpreted English.

It look like they will try to drag the HBK and Y2J feud out even longer. This started a few weeks after Mania was over and has been going on ever since. The lasted chapter has HBK upset due to Jericho throwing him into a TV monitor and injuring his eye. This cost Jericho his Intercontinental belt and it looks like the two will meet again at the bash. With no gold involved this program has officially lost it steam as it is now just being put together so these guys have something to due at a pay per view. They have tried various angles to make it go over, from it being defending rick Flair’s honor, to HBK lying about an injury to who knows what they are upset about now. Though where they go next is still up in the air as Raw has a huge glut of talent and really only one major belt up for grabs as it looks like Kofi Kingston will be facing Paul Burchill for the Intercontinental belt.

In matches that looked like they were dusting off wrestlers from the bottom of the roster we saw Kingston against Charlie Haas. It was a quick match with nothing much to speak of except the aforementioned possible feud with Burchuill who attacked Kingston after the match. We also saw CM Punk face Snitsky in another waste of a match. After this match I think it’s safe to say the next time we hear about Snitsky may be for his release from the WWE. There was also a women’s tag match with new Raw member Kelly Kelly with Mickie James against Jillian and Layla. Mickie and Kelly would win, but we saw nothing out of Layla. In my opinion she is a better wrestler than Jillian so I’m not sure why she was not in the ring. And I know Kelly Kelly has improved but her moves are still labored and needs more work before they really feature her.


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