Looking Ahead: My Early WrestleMania 25 Card

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WrestleMania 25 Tickets will go on sale in about a week, and it’s time to have some fun and come up with a WAY premature card for the big event that will take place in Houston. Of course have some fun back with some of your matches, which you can leave in the comments section or at our email which is letswrestlewwe@gmail.com

Here we go:

Main Event for WWE Title:

Triple H (C) vs Undertaker – The title reign of HHH vs the undefeated streak of the Undertaker. Who wins? Of course Taker will be the heavy favorite, but I have heard more rumors than ever of the streak coming to an end, and it would be an interesting thing to do it at the 25th edition in Takers home state.

Semi-Main for the World Heavyweight Title:

Batista (C) vs John Cena – They already blew this match with a rather snooze fest at SummerSlam with these two, but I think with the proper promotion as well as a belt on the line this one would be a ton better. They could always turn Batista heel and have him up against a heavy face in Cena, or for a real switch have Cena go heel, which has been rumored for some time.

Legend Killer vs Legend:

Randy Orton vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – From all indications, Mania 25 is going to be built around Austin, with a for sure induction into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before. This match though was somewhat teased at Cyber Sunday, with Orton taking a stunner from Austin. They can build on the whole “legend killer vs legend” angle, and if Austin isn’t ready to have a 20-minute match, he can still hang in and get a 5-7 minute win over Orton in a match that will get huge exposure.

ECW Title Match:

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy – I know in years past we’ve seen this before, but this time I will throw it out there as more of a dream match, as how cool would it be to see brother vs brother for a major title, and no, not the IC belt. No need to do any major heel turn, as what you could have is a battle royale or some sort of tourney for the challenger for Matt Hardy, and then in a shock his brother wins. I think it would and can be a great match, and maybe they allow Matt to turn the belt over to his brother?

Money in the Bank for a Title Shot:

Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Evan Bourne vs MVP vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston – Always a great match, and I think with Bourne, Kingston, Benjamin and Mysterio, it could be even more high-flying than ever. Kane is your classic “big man” in the match, and MVP is a good worker as well that can make the match complete. This match is a for sure, and now it’s just down to what wrestlers will compete in it.

Smackdown vs RAW:

Edge vs C.M. Punk – I think they will also make this a WrestleMania annual match, to have a RAW star go up against a SmackDown star. Last year it was Umaga vs Batista, and it wasn’t really that great, but there is some history with these two, and I think this years version can be a whole lot better.

Great Khali vs Mark Henry – The WWE sitll has a love for these two guys, even though they are rather painful to watch. Khali is becoming a fan favorite (why I don’t know) and Henry is a decent enough heel to have some sort of hevyweight vs heavyweight type of match. Didn’t work so well with Big Show vs Khali, and it won’t work here, but there always has to be a stinker on the card.

Big Show vs Umaga – Two more guys the WWE loves, so let’s have the Big Show back to face for the 100th time, and throw him in with another big man who is a much better worker than Khali and Henry for a quick 4-5 minute match.

Tag Team Turmoil for WWE Tag Belts:

Miz and Morrison (C) vs Carlito and Primo vs Cryme Tyme vs Jesse and Festus – Since they don’t ever want to seem to break up Miz and Morrison, why not let them win the belts, and then throw them in what could be a good opener for the show with a couple other tag teams that can get the crowd in the mood.

There are some rather big names off the card with my above matches – Chris Jericho, JBL, Beth Phoenix, Santino Marella, Dibiase and Rhodes, Michelle McCool, Mr.Kennedy, Brian Kendrick, Vladimir Kozlov, and Finlay.

So with that, I am sure there will be a Divas match of some sort, and I would be shocked if guys like Jericho and JBL were not on the show. But then again, that’s the fun of looking ahead.

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