More Cyber Sunday matches anounced

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Tonight on Smack Down more matches for for Cyber Sunday were announced. The Finlay/Mysterio will either be a Shillelagh on a pole, no DQ or stretcher match. This rivalry seems to be turning away from the number 1 contender for the Heavy Weight Championship and may be headed towards taking on the US champ. Finlay faced Jeff Hardy with MVP interfering to give Hardy the win. Then Finlay interfered in the MVP/Mysterio match. These 4 gentleman could stir some good heat for the US title. AS for the Cyber Sunday stip it should be good any way the fans vote. Finlay and Mysterio are great performers and can carry a good match that will feature a good old fashion brawl.

Speaking of Hardy and MVP their Cyber Sunday match will choose either a boxing, mixed martial arts or wrestling. Hopefully the wrestling match wins as recent history of wrestlers going outside of their genre has been very poor to say the least. Wrestling is what they do best and let’s leave it at that. Dumb stip matches only cheapen the event and insult the fans who paid their hard earned money to watch it.

It also seems we now are having the first official rivalry between ECW and Smackdown has begun between Kane and Big Daddy V. This will only make both shows stronger as we have seen already on ECW. As it appears the WWE is ready to kill off ECW it best they begin to integrate the talent now. This will only make the WWE’s second brand stronger.


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