More Details on the Death of Brian Adams

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Of course today is yet another sad day in the world of wrestling, as we have found out that Brian “Crush” Adams passed away today in his home in Tampa. The early word is that Adams’ wife found him unconscious. Sources say there were no signs of any sort of injury or foul play. Authorities are now waiting on the results of his autopsy. He was found about 11:30 a.m. not breathing. Of course as sad as this whole situation is, the death is even worse since the mainstream media is already running with it. Fox News has a story on it:,2933,293152,00.html and says that the wife called 911 and fire rescue workers later pronounced him dead.

The death, as we all know, comes less than two months after the Chris Benoit saga, which is exactly why the mainstream media will run with this from now till forever. Adams was 44 years old. He will best be remembered as part of Demolition, and also “Crush,” when he had memorable feuds with guys like Randy Savage and Doink the clown. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Adams’ family.


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