Ross Slams Hogan for Spoiling Hart Comeback

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Jim Ross wrote the following on his website this weekend when asked about TNA politics and Hulk Hogan revealing Jimmy Hart as Jerry Lawler’s manager at WrestleMania 27:

“First of all I watch so little TNA that I’m not a good person to judge how their inner workings are, good or bad. Philosophically, I don’t enjoy their style of creative more often than not but, again, I’m not a regular viewer. But it’s none of my business either and only a personal opinion from afar. I think the statement Hogan made about Jimmy Hart being King’s manager for the night @ WM27 is simply speculation and rumor. I don’t think that it will happen or that it has any basis in fact. Time will tell but it’s not a big deal one way or another. I hope TNA succeeds and I spend zero time concerned about TNA politics, etc.”

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