RAW Set for a Solid Show Tomorrow Night

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Looking forward to RAW tomorrow night, as we will move along some programs and get some started as we have a couple of weeks to go till the next PPV – Armageddon in Pittsburgh on 12/16. First, we will have the program of Chris Jericho and Randy Orton head into high gear, as they will likely announce the match for the PPV. Y2J won’t win the belt unless a lot of things are set to change, but he and Orton should have a decent program, and maybe it will be enough to turn around what I think has been a lackluster title run so far for Orton.

Ric Flair will make his return, and what role he will play will have to be seen. I think that Flair right now is better off out of the ring as a mouthpiece for a wrestler or a group of wrestlers. I personally think that it would be a great fit if Flair came in with a great ovation, gave a great promo, and later in the night turned on the fans and became Orton’s manager. Think about it – it would work, and would give Orton’s character a whole new dimension.

We also have one announced match, a tag with HHH and Jeff Hardy (what an odd combo that is) against Umaga and Snitsky. Why this company is in love with mean Gene is beyond me, but get use to seeing him on TV quite a bit, as sources say that the company is ready for a Snitsky push. We’ll also see the Kennedy vs Shawn Michaels feud start, and I would not doubt if we’ll see them announce their match for the PPV.

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