Reaction Backstage to Regal’s Suspension

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There is a lot of concern backstage within WWE stemming from William Regal’s recent 60-day suspension. Regal has been battling a drug addiction for years, and reports that many are worried about him relapsing during his suspension. The other concern is that the big push he’s been getting will not resume after he returns from suspension.

A former WWE creative team member revealed that Vince was never a fan of Regal’s in-ring style and rejected pitches to push him in the past. Vince is said to like Regal’s personality, which is how he landed the RAW GM gig.

There are no reports of Regal struggling to maintain his sobriety, and there are a number of people who are skeptical of the theory that he took an illegal supplement. “I don’t think he was a street drug or a steroid guy,” said one WWE source. “I’m just happy we have a strong program and that it’s being taken seriously.”

Overall, there is a much different mood in the WWE locker room in regards to Regal’s suspension than there was when Jeff Hardy was suspended. People were using words like “idiotic” and “stupid” to describe Hardy’s actions, whereas most within the company are concerned and disappointed for Regal.



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