Scramble Mania

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I guess the WWE has run out of ideas as we will see our third title scramble match at Unforgiven for the ECW belt. For a new concept it is a very bold move for the WWE to place three of these matches on one pay per view. If the concept is a dud we will be faced with hours worth of terrible matches. The concept seems to be just the elimination chamber minus the chamber except no one will be removed from the match if they are pinned. I have stated my concerns as it could become confusing with all the action going on and trying to keep track who is the “current champ”, but we will have to see if this is hit or miss.

ECW was able to have yet another entertaining show by using tonight matches as qualifiers to meet Mark Henry at Unforgiven. We saw Matt Hardy, Finlay, Miz and Chavo all qualify tonight. The major omission from this list would be John Morrison who lost to Hardy. You figure you could swap either the Miz or Finlay for Morrison, but I like the group they advanced. First, out of the former tag champs we know Morrison will move onto bigger things soon. So allowing Miz to prove himself as a solo wrestler will allow him to push his profile on the roster. And this is great for him as the Miz has really worked hard to show he can hold his own and is not just a reality star who got a cheap break. Adding Finlay also brings a good veteran presence to the match so he should be able to control the pace to make the match believable and entertaining as you know he is good for a few scraps.

The qualifying matches were all good and have some potential for future programs. First the omission of Morrison only gives him reason to want to challenge Hardy. You knew these two would pair up as they are the best talents on ECW. Look for Hardy to win at Unforgiven then get challenged by Morrison who missed out at a shot at the title. We finally saw the tension between Mike Knox and Finlay come to a head and it should continue as Finlay got a cheap win by using the shillelagh to knock out Knox. This should be good for Knox as he put on a good show matching brawling styles with Finlay. Don’t see anything coming out of Chavo and Dreamer as Tommy was just filler since there really wasn’t anyone deserving to be in a match on the current ECW roster. But you have to wonder if Evan Bourne will continue on with Chavo, as Bourne’s match with the Miz was pretty good. It would benefit both Bourne and the Miz to be involved in a program as they can showcase their skills. But Bourne could gain valuable experience pairing up with Chavo. We may see Bourne bounce back and forth as the competition on ECW is thin and I really don’t think the WWE wants to bury these three guys.


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