Six Pack of Stars

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ECW started tonight with Mark Henry and Matt Hardy going back and forth about the legitimacy of Hardy’s championship. They would be interrupted by Miz and Morrison who were also craving action and were calling for the “nerds” Ricky Ortiz and Evan Bourne. So to help out all the parties GM Teddy Long created a tag match of Hardy, Bourne and Ortiz against Miz, Morrison and Henry as the main even of the night. And in typical ECW fashion this was the only match worth watching. There were some great exchanges of athleticism between Morrison and Bourne and I would love to see them in a singles match. For the most part Hardy and Henry staid out of the match, but Henry was in it long enough to manhandle Bourne with a titanic body slam for the pin.

The one participant I really wanted to see something out of was Ortiz, who still has yet to face major competition to display his talents. I felt this match would be his time to shine, especially with Hardy not joining much of the action, but despite this Ortiz failed to impress me. Not to say he looked out of place, but he didn’t bring much to the ring to make him stand out. This guy has plenty of charisma and the fans seem to like him, but as of yet he has not display much in the ring to make you think he has a future. As for his new counter part Evan Bourne, this guy has been a regular highlight reel in the ring and is now being featured regularly on Raw. He still needs more of an electric personality, but what really matters is what you do in the ring. Don’t be surprised if Bourne finds himself in Money In the Bank at Mania 25.

As stated the rest of the night wasn’t much to talk about. We saw Jack Swagger again obliterate a jobber, with Lenny Lane being the victim this time. After the match Swagger again would take advantage of his prone opponent and continua to beat him. Tommy Dreamer would come to the aid of Lane but it was too late to make a difference. Dreamer then took on Mike Knox and did a decent job, but for some reason they gave Knox the win. Again Swagger would come to the ring to inflict more punishment on a defenseless Dreamer.

This looks to be setting up a feud between Swagger and Dreamer, but it will not be enough to get Swagger over. I like Dreamer in the role of helping young guys learn the ropes. Who else could be better as he has certainly paid his dues from the days of old ECW. This man has taken so many brutal beatings, it’s amazing to see him still around and being able to walk. If young guys can’t learn a thing or two from him then they lack the dedication necessary to be in the big time. As for Swagger I just don’t see his persona getting over with the crowd. No offense to the mentally challenged, but he looked retarded coming out to his intro music. And that dumb smile doesn’t due him any favors, especially with his goofy looking face and build. Yes he was a great college wrestler, but this is sports entertainment and you lack the looks and personality to stick around kid.


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