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Boo and cheer who you want, Canada, says Jim Ross

It’s another Monday night spent away from home for WWE announcer Jim Ross, another few points in the travel rewards program. But this coming week, as Monday Night Raw broadcasts live from Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, things will be a little more unpredictable than normal. And that’s good.

In the past, Canada was dubbed “Bizzaroland” for its fans wouldn’t boo and cheer as instructed. So what, said Ross.

“I don’t know who’s going to be booed and who’s going to be cheered, and I don’t care, it doesn’t matter,” Ross recently told SLAM! Wrestling. “The old promoter’s theory is, as long as there is a rear end every 18 inches, it’s irrelevant. I know whomever the fans choose to support is going to be loud and enthusiastic. I think that makes the whole process so much better, the presentation is perceived so much better, everybody raises their game because the fans are emotionally invested in the product — and Canadian fans do that.”

A native of Oklahoma, Ross claims to never have had a bad experience while in Canada.

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