Still No Info on if the Randy Orton Accident was For Real

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We still have yet to find any concrete proof regarding Randy Orton’s supposed motorcycle accident. The St. Louis media has yet to report anything on it, not to mention that haven’t found any evidence of Orton being in a motorcycle accident from authorities. However, family & friends of Orton are saying that the story is exactly as he described it to

At last week’s television tapings, people in WWE were talking about it as if it was real, but a few days later, they started to become unsure because nobody could find any real proof of him being involved in a motorcycle accident. They were also suspicious that it wasn’t covered by the local media because Orton is a local TV celebrity and from his description, the accident could have been fatal.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was alerted about the supposed accident, but couldn’t find any evidence on it being true. Orton claimed he struck a curb and was thrown from his bike on to the ground, which knocked him unconscious. In his words, he “bounced and rolled just under 300 feet, landing in a ditch.” Orton said that when the police came, they couldn’t believe he was okay other than re-breaking his clavicle, and that had he not been wearing a helmet, he could have died.



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