Sunday News and Notes: McMahon’s Child, Unforgiven Match, Flair

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* Sunday is upon us, and tomorrow night should be (but maybe not), the nail in the coffin of the Mr.McMahon “child” storyline, as they are pushing that they will announce who the child will be tomorrow night on RAW. We discussed the topic in specifics on our Turnbuckle Talk podcast last night. I willl take a stab that the kid will end up being…..Randy Orton. I know, it makes no sense, but what in the WWE does these days.

* They have added HHH vs Carlito as a match at Unforgiven. This should be a total squash, and as far as what they are doing with HHH, you can bet that he is going to keep getting a push until he finds himself in the title picture. That could basically happen right away after Unforgiven if Orton beats John Cena for the belt, and then HHH and Orton can have their program asap if that is the route they want to go.

* Ric Flair has NOT quit the WWE, despite reports to the otherwise. Yes, he and the company are not on the best of terms, but he is still under contract, and you will see him back on TV soon. Flair’s whole life and basic existance is wrestling, and even after and couple fights with the company, you know that you will see him back in the ring sooner than later.

* As everyone knew, with the South Africa trip closing up, Cade and Murdoch won back their tag belts from Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The team of London and Kendrick won the belts earlier on the tour, but the company had nothing on their website about it, meaning you knew they would go back to the former champs before the trip was up.


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