Update on the Next Big Name Going Into the WWE HOF

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Word coming from within WWE is that Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and Ric Flair will be doing the honors. So Flair will not be inducting Austin. Within WWE, there are people saying they want Bret Hart to induct Austin but as of this writing, Hart hadn’t been asked. One reason Vince has thrown Hart’s name out there is because it ties into the WrestleMania angle with Austin and Hart’s history and another reason is that Vince has always stayed behind-the-scenes at the Hall of Fame and it will mean more and could be seen as the final stamp of approval on Austin being WWE’s biggest star in history in their eyes because Austin would be the only one Vince would do something like this for.

Steamboat and Ted DiBiase got a lot of votes internally for last year’s Hall of Fame but Vince usually takes those with the most votes into consideration before making his final decision. There’s still talk that the Funks and Von Erichs will be inducted this year.

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