Updated List of WWE Drug Offenders

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From: LordsofPain.net

If you’re wondering about the names of the 30+ WWE suspensions, here is an updated list of the history of the program’s drug offenders (at least that became public knowledge):

Randy Orton (in August 2006 for failing a drug test due to steroids; continued receiving packages from Signature Pharmacy until February 2007, but wasn’t suspended again because he had to wrestle John Cena for the WWE title at Unforgiven 2007 and WWE felt that he had “already served his time;” also, openly smoking marijuana backstage at a show in March 2006 was a behavioral suspension and didn’t count as a strike)
Joey Mercury
Rene Dupree (two-time offender)
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam (due to a drug possession arrest)
Kid Kash
Ryan Reeves
Ryan O’Reilly (call-up to ECW roster relinquished)
Balls Mahoney (for painkillers)
Drew “Festus” Hankinson (when in developmental in late 2006)
Andrew “Test” Martin (later fired)
referee Chris Kay (two-time offender, later fired)
Jeff Hardy (two-time offender)
Chavo Guerrero (may be a two-timer, as he returned as soon as 60 days passed in November 2007)
Chris Masters (two-time offender, later fired)
Gregory Helms
Booker T (two-time offender)
Charlie Haas
Mr. Kennedy
William Regal (two-time offender)
John Morrison
Gene Snitsky (apparently a drug failure as his name never came up during the Signature Pharmacy scandal)
Harry “DH” Smith
Derrick Neikirk (later fired)
Neil “Chet the Jet” Bzibziak (later fired)
Afa, Jr. (for attempting to cheat on a drug test with a realistic prosthetic penis).

By my count, that’s 27 Wellness Policy offenders (at least that we know of) and at least 32 individual drug suspensions, so the WWE spokeswoman was being truthful when she said that there have been over 30 suspensions in the policy’s history.

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