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Great to see Stevie Richards come back and look good tonight on ECW. Granted it was against a jobber, but anyone who can come back from throat surgeries required to fix vertebrae and damaged vocal chords deserves praise. Let me say it warms the heart of an old EC dub fan to see one of our own still kicking it. Before he was hurt there were some rumblings of Richards getting a title shot. That would be fine by me, only on one condition. Bring back the BWO. Yes reunite Richards with long time side kick the Blue Meanie . Now that would bring some legitimacy to ECW, or at least take us back to the good old days. Welcome back Stevie and the best of luck to you in the future.

Kofi Kingston took on some decent talent tonight in Mike Knox. It displayed a brawler in Knox against the high energy of Kingston. Kingston would win again, keeping up his momentum and did not look out of place again. The crowd really does seem to like this guy and it should be interesting to see what his future holds. Hopefully they can get him more matches against decent competition so we can see if he is the real deal. I think he is doing great now, but I really don’t see him getting past his fun loving, high tempo gimmick. A match against someone like Elijah Burke or Shelton Benjamin will show what he really can do and I feel we should be seeing that soon.

Kelly Kelly kept her feud alive with Layla and Lena Yada tonight. Kelly won, thus getting some revenge over her rivals on ECW. Not sure why there is this big push for in ring action for Kelly Kelly as she still has a long way to go in looking good in the ring. Could she possibly be the next to pose in Playboy? If the Maria issue takes off, and we know it will, look for Hugh to come calling Kelly’s name in the near future.

Not sure were the Tommy Dreamer/Colin Delaney against Miz and Morrison angle is going other than filer for the broadcast. I really can’t see them giving Dreamer/Delaney a title shot considering the decent and legitimate tag teams they have on Smack Down. It’s too bad the WWE feels it necessary to waste the talent of Morrison and the Miz in garbage matches like this, when they could be adding credibility to ECW by preforming in singles matches.

Why does Mark Henry keep getting major air time taking on some of the biggest names in the WWE. Last night he loses to John Cena and tonight he gets DQed by using the ropes to choke CM Punk. Please WWE no more Mark Henry, he is terrible in the ring, has not accomplished anything, and for being the worlds Strongest Man he has only held the European Title in the WWE . Let’s face it he sucks and will never be anything, quit shoving him down our throats.


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