FLASHBACK – One Year Ago on Let’s Wrestle: ECW 2/27

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The Following was Posted on Year ago today on Let’s Wrestle

WWE continued their week of TV with ECW from San Jose on Tuesday night, with a cage match main event with Bobby Lashley vs Bob Holly for the ECW title. Add to that the presence of Vince McMahon making it a 5-minute match or Lashley loses, and you had a lot of things going against Lashley. Of course he did get the win, after Umaga, who was there simply to promote their upcoming WM match, threw in a chair, which Lashley used to pound Holly before pinning him.

The show was okay, with a total of four match, albeit the match of Balls Mahoney vs Matt Striker was barley underway when Snitsky came in and took out Balls and Striker. You also had a very good money in the bank qualifer match with Kennedy beating Sabu. That match was by far the best of the night.

The other two matches included a rare appearance from Stevie Richards, as he lost to C.M. Punk, and a tag with the New Breed’s Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von vs Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer. Both matches were short, with Punk winning the first and the New Breed using a little outside help to win the tag match.

The Lashley match was okay, going just 4:30 due to the time stip. Umaga outside the ring builds on their upcoming feud, and the final shot of the show was Lashley jumping through a side of the cage on top of Umaga. That shot was pretty intense, and a solid build as they continue until the big match at Mania. The show overall was good for an ECW product, and thus far the week I feel has been solid for TV with what should be another good SmackDown! on Friday night.

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