Jeff Hardy Talks About His WWE Contract Status

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In an interview with B95 FM in central California, Jeff Hardy spoke on his current WWE contract status, saying “There’s nothing concrete. There’s rumors out there about me not re-signing, but we haven’t decided that yet. They’re real cool with giving me time. There’s a very good chance (I’ll still be on TV in six months), but we’ll see.”

He also spoke on 2008 being a tough year for him when he lost his house and dog while serving a wellness policy violation suspension. “I was tested like crazy,” Jeff said. “Really hard time for me to get through those 60 days. Had to pee in a cup to prove myself to them (WWE) again.” He denied reports that he was doing an MTV series.

Hardy closed out the interview by saying he’s going to try to be creative to come up with new moves with Edge in the ladder match at the Extreme Rules PPV on Sunday.



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