WrestleMania 25 in Review – Match #5 – IC Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs JBL

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Match #5 saw the IC belt defended for the first time in 7 years at WrestleMania, as JBL took on Rey Mysterio. Here’s our thoughts on this title match:

Matt Loede: 21 seconds? Yes, I guess after some of the best matches in wrestling history, the IC belt has fallen to a new low. Not that either JBL or Mysterio are bad reps for the belt, but to have a match at Mania that lasts 21 seconds for a belt that has had some of the best matches in history is bad. Mysterio is going to get a run with the strap, and the whole thing with JBL has now become a joke, as he says he quits. Yeah, and I’m the Pope.

John Sefcik: A horrible and stupid match. Again wy did they make the tag match a dark match for this garbage? Not much else to say as it will take you longer to read this than the match itself.

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