WrestleMania 25 in Review – Match #7 – World Heavyweight Title: Edge vs Big Show vs John Cena

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We’re down to the last two matches at Mania, the first of the big two being the World Heavyweight Title match. Here is our breakdown on that match:

Matt Loede:
Well, it was kind of made known in inner circles that Edge would drop the strap, the only thing would be would it be Cena or Big Show. In the end, they give it to Cena, who probably now will get into a program with Show. The whole Edge-Vicky thing probably goes on the back burner for awhile, and I think they have Show hurt Edge enough for him to have to take some time off, as it’s being said he has to get his knee back in shape. I’m not a huge fan of triple-threat matches, but these guys pulled it off pretty well, and even with Edge taking time off, we’ll see these three probably do it again in three weeks at Backlash.

As for Cena getting the belt, it’s an okay decision, but I think it would have been fresh to put it on Show, who hasn’t had a strap since he carried ECW when it started. We’ll see if another Cena title run is something that gets over or not. I’m thinking it will at first, but then grow stale just like all the others. Okay match, but a letdown after the awesome Michaels vs Taker battle.

John Sefcik: The champ has returned ladies and gentlemen. A nice paced match for a triple threat, nothing special, but nothing to dull. I’m not complaining as the match was good to watch, unlike a few of the matches we have had to suffer through tonight. And despite your love or hatred of Cena, he makes a good champ as he gives his all in the ring and is fantastic on the mic. The question is where do we go from here? I’m sure there will at least be a rematch featuring Edge, but you know the rated R Super Star will end up finishing some business with the Big Show. Hopefully that ends soon and we get Edge back in a championship program. Both he and Cena are the great talents that will carry the WWE into the future. I would love for these two to keep the fire of this feud alive for awhile. Cena is probably the best face the organization has and Edge is his heel counterpart. No offense to Triple H, these two guys are the ones who can take the WWE back to its heights when the Rock and Stone Cold ruled the roost.

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