Wrestlers Share Thoughts on the Draft and Moves

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From: PWPIX.net

WWE.com has posted an article on the emotions of some of the wrestlers following last week’s Drafts. Regarding Maria, they wrote: “For Maria, the change was more bittersweet; the Playboy cover girl was sad to leave all of her close Raw friends behind. “[Women’s Champion] Mickie James looked at me all day long today, and every time she looked like she was about to cry.” Maria is keeping her head up though, and looking forward to becoming good friends with the Sexiest Women on Friday night Television.” On the other hand, former ECW Diva Layla is optimistic about her move to Raw. “I know for a fact that there are bigger and better things coming and I’m going to work really hard to do a great job here and shine as much as I can,” she said. On his move to SmackDown, Triple H said, “My initial reaction was shock. I’ve always considered myself to be a franchise player of [WWE’s] flagship show, Monday Night Raw. The switch to SmackDown is definitely going to be a bit of an adjustment.” The article also features comments from Kofi Kingston and Jeff Hardy.

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