A Big Comeback for The Big Show

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The storyline for the WWE as they hit their peak three months of the year leading to WrestleMania 24 could be the return to the ring of three major superstars. We’ve already seen the return of Chris Jericho and John Bradsahw Layfield, aka JBL, but now sources are indicating that another former star is ready to make his return in a BIG way. Reports say that Paul Wight, otherwise known as The Big Show, is on his way back to a WWE ring near you.

Wight walked away from the WWE back in December of 2006 after holding the ECW Title and dropping it in one of the worst WWE PPV’s ever – December to Dismember to Bobby Lashley. The following week in what ended up being his final match in the company he was beaten in a one-on-one match by Lashley. It was after that he walked away from the final two years of a 10-year contract that he signed to come over from WCW to WWF (at the time) in 1998.

The 400+ pound Wight left the company in bad shape. He was not only burned out upstairs, but also had numerous health concerns in terms of his weight as well as body parts that were just banged up and never got a shot to heal. The word going around now is that he is ready to go from a health standpoint, and that he is more than refreshed to be able to get back in the ring and give it 100 percent.

What impact Wight will have remains to be seen. For the most part of his career he has been used in the role of the late, great Hall of Famer – Andre the Giant. To be honest though, Show could not hold a candle to Andre’s career, and by now those comparisons should be long gone. Show is what he is – a big man that can move and that has skills in the ring. He is not Andre, nor will he ever be, and the moment the company realizes that, the better off he will be.

The first thought about Paul’s return is that they can push him into what would be an interesting WrestleMania storyline with Hulk Hogan. It was thrown around last year in Detroit to re-create that Hogan-Andre WrestleMania III storyline that Wight would come back to fight his good friend, but he never did, and then when things fell apart with Hogan, the whole idea was scrapped. Now, one year later, that match very well could take place.

Hogan seems to be on the verge of a match, and for sometime it was thought to be against the lumbering Ox – The Great Khali. But given a choice, there is no question that Hogan would rather work with Wight, his long-time friend and a guy he has always had the back of. The two actually did wrestle in August in a match in Memphis that was supposed to be Hogan and Jerry Lawler, but the WWE didn’t allow Lawler to do it, so they pulled Show in to do the job to Hogan.

So with the Royal Rumble now less than two weeks away, look for there to be a spot kept open, and it very well could go to the returning Wight. If it does not, I would expect to see him in a ring within a week or two of the event with a role in getting ready for a push towards a Mania 24 match.

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