A Star is Bourne

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OK, the title is a bit cliche to say the least, but for the second week in a row the main man of ECW was Evan Bourne. On a night that was advertised as having Summer Slam foes Matt Hardy and Mark Henry as tag partners, we were again treated to a top performance by Bourne and a so-so main event. This week featured Bam Neely getting outclassed by the adventurous high flying Bourne. The whole match was dominated by his quick moves and flips off the mat and the ropes. Neely looked entirely out of place and of course lost to the new rising superstar. This guy is starting to gain the same momentum CM Punk had on this show as he is the only one who really fires up the crowd. Yes you do have Hardy and Morrison, but Morrison is the heel and Hardy really hasn’t done much since coming over. That is not to say that will change in the upcoming months, but you have to see Bourne being the main guy here as Hardy and Morrison should be moving on to the other brands soon. There is no doubt Bourne’s in ring ability is top notch, but he has a long way to go in developing his character. That will be his main goal over the next few years on ECW and then we will see if he can step up to the big time.

As for that aforementioned main event we saw Hardy single handily take out both the Miz and Morrison at the end of the match. Henry started it off but really was a non factor as the match progressed. The match itself was nothing special and it really didn’t build much heat for the upcoming match at Summer Slam. It ended in dull fashion with Hardy being exhausted from his efforts and Henry stealing the glory for the win. While lifting Hardy’s hand in victory the champ took a cheap shot and that’s how the show ended. Not much to build on here folks.

Other action saw Tommy Dreamer on the positive end of a beating for once as he made quick work of Colin Delaney in an extreme rules match. Again we didn’t see much out of Delaney. Look for his time to be up soon, especially since they are bringing in new talent to ECW who are sure to bring more to the table than Delaney does now. Finlay also had a quick match beating Estrada in Armando’s first contracted match for ECW. And Mike Know also showed up, but who cares.


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